Project Management

Project Management

Digit Hub’s Technology’s approach to project Management is to ensure that we strike a balance between hands-on involvement of the client personnel and our consultants. This helps us, and the client, to attain the following:

Effective communication and transfer of the necessary understanding of business requirements between the client and the consultants.

Empower client personnel with intimate knowledge of the new systems/processes through direct involvement in the implementation thereof


  • Facilitate ownership of the change process by client personnel at even lower levels of rank (where major resistance typically exists) and thus maximize the probability of success and return on investment.

Digit Hub recommends a programme structure that comprises of Project Management; Solution Management, Training, Business Work stream, and Technical Work stream. We also believe in incorporating Operational Experience to guide the suitability of the solution.

We supply access to our shared data Centre giving you the Cloud services features that is reliable and secure. This saves you time and money because you don’t need to procure and set up servers from scratch and pay based on resources consumed.